ECS Media Day

enuk screenshot

As I travelled down to Wembley Arena to take part in a press day dedicated to esports journalists and notable people within the community, I couldn’t help thinking how surreal it all felt. Representing, the outlet that published by debut article, and entering the professional world was slightly nerve-racking but entirely worth it. During the media day I got to meet my idols, the professional CS:GO players I had been watching for over three years and had the opportunity to interview a countless number of them. Since then I have had my pre-event summary published on Esports News UK’s website and have another project in the works ready to be uploaded and published very soon.

I just wanted to say thank you to Dom Sacco, the editor and founder of, for publishing my articles and for giving me the opportunity to attend the media day. Also, I’m very grateful to Mike Stubbsy, freelance-journalist, for speaking with me and giving me some valuable advice during the press day.

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