Guides, Press Releases and News Articles – It’s all happening at exceL

Since my last blog post on WatchThisSpace, I have produced three new written pieces for exceL Esports.
The first of the three pieces was a LoL guide write-up where I summarised Venzer’s thoughts on how to play the AD Carry: Ezreal. Despite having a lack of in-game LoL knowledge, I put my other skills to work and produced the guide which you can see by clicking here.
how to play venzer
The second piece I produced on behalf of exceL was the announcement that their female LoL team would be experiencing some roster changes. Unlike the LoL guide, this wasn’t the first time I had produced such a piece. To read the announcement, click here.
excel ladies roster
The final piece I had produced for exceL was a product promotion for Cooler Master’s latest, and most premium, case: the COSMOS 700M. Using a brief that Cooler Master had sent through, I wrote a press release promoting the case. To learn more about their case and read the press release I produced, click here.
cosmos 700m
Other content I have produced for exceL is currently in the pipeline too so stay tuned.

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