Worlds 2019

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend my first ever League of Legends event in Paris. Kicking my League experience off with a banger, Matt Woods and the guys at AFK Creators (the influencer marketing agency I intern at) took me to Worlds 2019 – the biggest League tournament of the year.

Despite the result, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Worlds and found myself blown away by both the production value and the atmosphere. Although it wasn’t possible to leave the venue and re-enter, I thought that the AccorHotels Arena played a great host to the event.

As well as being my first League event, Worlds 2019 was also my first time meeting the rest of the AFK Creators team which was a really enjoyable experience.

On that note, I want to say a huge thanks to Matt Woods and Haodong Zhang for giving me the opportunity to attend Worlds 2019 – an absolute spectacle in the world of esports.


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