AFK Creators and Esports Insider

Today’s blog post is a tale of two epic announcements – one concerning AFK Creators, and the other about Esports Insider.


I’m excited to say I’ll be working with AFK Creators for the foreseeable future! I started an internship with AFK in October 2019 before my contract with Gfinity began, so to be back working with Matthew Woods and the rest of the gang feels amazing. 

I look forward to thriving in my new role, and helping AFK to continue to rise through the ranks in the world of influencer marketing.

Esports Insider

I am also incredibly excited to announce that I have joined Esports Insider’s army of freelance writers. Having read Esports Insider since I attended Sixth Form and first wanting to be involved in esports, this feels great.

Gfinity’s Operations Coordinator

As much as it pains me to say it, I have well-and-truly neglected this blog for the last five months! If it makes it any better, I feel that I have been absent for a pretty valid reason…

In late January I took on the role of “Operations Coordinator” on a temporary three month contract with Gfinity. As of yesterday, my contract with Gfinity expired following three fantastic months, so I thought I’d throw together a quick post to talk about my time in the role and what a great experience the whole process was.

Gfinity brought me in to assist with two major events that were being organised and delivered during my tenure – the ePremier League FIFA 20 tournament and the F1 Esports Series.

Thankfully, before COVID-19 restrictions were in place, I had the opportunity to tour the country and deliver Club Playoffs at a number of Premier League stadiums. I had a great time throughout this stage of the ePremier League roadmap and found the process of travelling from stadium to stadium, almost like a travelling show, really fun. Whether it be helping the technical team rig and de-rig or assist the league ops team with score reporting, I did my best to get stuck in and had a blast.


Unfortunately, in-between finishing our tour and the scheduled Grand Finals, the COVID-19 crisis escalated and restrictions forced us to postpone the original event. Likewise, the F1 Esports Series had to be replaced with Virtual GPs to make up for the postponement of the F1 race calendar. On top of the existing UK issues, the international nature of the F1 Esports Series meant that competitors would be travelling in from all over the world – a big no no under the circumstances COVID-19 left us in.

As disappointing as it was to have to change our program of events because of COVID, I think the Virtual GPs that ensued have been class. Getting to work with real-world F1 drivers is a totally unique experience I never expected to find myself in, and being able to share the concept of esports with the public and race fans through Virtual GPs has been amazing.

With an altered event schedule because of COVID-19, my workload reduced and I was able to dust-off my writing skills and towards the end of my time as “Operations Coordinator” I supported Gfinity’s new tech site – Stealth Optional. I had a great time working with the site’s Editor, writing pieces relating to games and technology.

Looking back, the experience has been an absolute blast and I feel as if I have been in the role for much, much longer than the three months the contract lasted. I’m immensely grateful to the events department for giving me the opportunity and I look forward to the esports calendar getting back to normal as soon as it’s safe to so I can get back involved.

Visiting PGC 2019 in San Francisco


In November I flew to sunny San Francisco to report on the PGC Grand Finals on behalf of ENUK. Accompanied by three journalists and PUBG’s EMEA PR Manager, I had a great time at the event and enjoyed exploring the city.

Whilst watching the games at the Oracle Arena, I wrote an article summarising the tournament’s events and took the opportunity to interview a number of prominent esports casters and players including Lauren “Pansy” Scott and Michael “mykLe” Wake.

Below, I’ve listed links to my PGC-related content:

I want to thank Dom Sacco for the opportunity to attend PGC on behalf of ENUK, and Jennifer Willis for all her help while I was out in the States.

Worlds 2019

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend my first ever League of Legends event in Paris. Kicking my League experience off with a banger, Matt Woods and the guys at AFK Creators (the influencer marketing agency I intern at) took me to Worlds 2019 – the biggest League tournament of the year.

Despite the result, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Worlds and found myself blown away by both the production value and the atmosphere. Although it wasn’t possible to leave the venue and re-enter, I thought that the AccorHotels Arena played a great host to the event.

As well as being my first League event, Worlds 2019 was also my first time meeting the rest of the AFK Creators team which was a really enjoyable experience.

On that note, I want to say a huge thanks to Matt Woods and Haodong Zhang for giving me the opportunity to attend Worlds 2019 – an absolute spectacle in the world of esports.


Interning at AFK Creators

Getting involved in the marketing and partnerships side of the esports industry has been an ambition of mine for the last six to twelve months. With that in mind, I’m happy to share the exciting news that I have started an internship at AFK Creators as their ‘Marketing & Operations Intern’.

For the forseeable future, alongside my university studies and other work in the industry, I’ll be supporting the guys over at AFK to make it the best influencer marketing agency possible!

I’m confident that AFK Creators will be able to help me on my journey to develop new skills, and I’m excited to get involved and help them meet their goals.

For more details about who exactly AFK Creators are, and what exactly they do, check out their website here:

The F1 Pro Draft

Last week I had a blast supporting the F1 Pro Draft at the Gfinity Arena. There always seems to be an exciting atmosphere and buzz throughout the F1 Pro Series and the Pro Draft didn’t disappoint. Seeing the drivers go for interviews and then transition from being amateurs to being signed to professional F1 teams was great!

I’m looking forward to the rest of F1 Esports Series and can’t wait to see how the third season unfolds.


The Twitch Prime Crown Cup

On Saturday I returned to the Gfinity Arena to support the team at the Twitch Prime Crown Cup! This event was unique as the teams were made up of superstar celebrities from the world of sport and entertainment including Harry Kane, Robbie Williams, Maya Jama, Ian Stirling, Peter Crouch, Rio Ferdinand, Thierry Henry and Mo Farah amongst others. I had a great time working the event and can’t wait for the next tournament!

twitch prime crown cup

Visiting the PES World League Finals

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the PES World League Finals at the Emirates Stadium, the home of Arsenal FC, on behalf of Esports News UK.

Players had to pass through gruelling rounds of qualification in both national and regional qualifiers to make it to the Finals. The support given by the crowd, made up of PES players and team staff alike, who rallied behind players from their respective regions helped contribute to a fantastic atmosphere.

Following the event, I produced a report for Esports News UK which can be read here.