Announcing the Cooler Master MP860 for exceL Esports

Earlier today my first press release for exceL Esports went live! Promoting Cooler Master’s latest product, their RGB mousepad, the article was short but sweet. Whilst I’m not experienced in writing press releases and sponsor promotions, I believe the article ticked most boxes a press release should. Although I’m more used to writing guides or news articles, for both exceL and ENUK respectively, writing a press release of this kind was a new challenge that I enjoyed completing.


To read the press release, click here.

The FaceIT Major

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be one of the nine-thousand attendees at the historic FaceIT Major. Everything the weekend entailed, whether it be reuniting with friends or meeting an esports legend, was amazing.

Jamie Jason

Along with spotting numerous professional players and sitting with UK CS’s hottest property, Smooya, I also managed to meet and have photos with Complexity Gaming’s Founder and CEO, Jason Lake. Whilst being such a big fan of Jason made the experience very surreal, I like to think I made the most of the opportunity to meet such an iconic figure in the industry, managing to get photos and discuss the event at hand.


Post-event, I wrote an article for ENUK. It was effectively an overview that covered what happened at the UK’s first Major and offered readers an insight into the antics of the weekend. To read the article, click here.

Gfinity – A New Chapter

Some of you may know from my ‘To Gfinity and Beyond’ series that I believe Gfinity positively impacts the UK esports scene as a whole. Since writing the series I’ve managed to secure myself a part-time position with them! Working as part of the event support staff team has been a brilliant experience and I can’t wait to get stuck in some more.

Announcing the exceL Angels

Earlier this week I was delighted to be asked to produce a team announcement for exceL Esports, unveiling their latest team. After shocking the competitive WoW scene and winning the Mythic Dungeon Invitational in Ohio, the Angels have signed with exceL. Looking to the future, exceL’s latest team will be competing in the MDI All Stars competition at Blizzcon in November.

WoW announcement

To learn even more about the new team, follow exceL Esport’s social media pages and YouTube.

Returning to #Staffs

As some of you may be aware, late last year I visited Staffordshire University, the self-proclaimed ‘Home of Esports’, and was blown away by the esports course; so much so it’s one of two options I’m considering for my future, post Sixth Form, life.

This weekend I returned to the University to attend the latest open day and was yet again blown away by how impressive and aligned to my interests the course is. Unlike last year however, Staffs had a new facility to show off – the University’s new esports hub.



Designed to replicate tournament conditions both on the playing and broadcasting front, the new hub was unbelievable. Equipped with top-tier PCs and peripherals, Staffs have yet again done esports proud and provided a world class environment for students to study and learn more about the esports ecosystem.

To see more of the esports hub, click on the link here to watch a video made by Staffordshire University.